Name Jacqueline Corine van Vugt
Date of Birth 22 april 1970
CompanyMelief Film
Professional Qualifications
2010 Binger Directors LAB, directors program.
2006 Scriptlab, synopsis to script, Script School Amsterdam.
1991- 1995 Dutch Film and Television Academy, NFTVA Amsterdam. Director of Photography.
1988- 1991 Technical University Delft, Architecture.
1981- 1987 VWO 1st. Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceum, The Hague.
Further Education.
2023 Scripteditors-course at scriptacademy (The Netherlands), by Gemma Derksen and Henk Burger.
2021 Travis Technique , On Line 5 months course, directing actors.
2019 Journalism in war-regions, NVJ, de Harskamp.
2018 Travis Technique , Los Angeles, directing actors and scriptediting.
2017 Sources 2, script, Norway-Barcelona; Miguel Machalski.
2014 Sources 2, script, Norway-Vienna; Michael Seeber.
2012 Script editing course by Franz Rodenkirchen, Binger.
2001-2002 International Comenius; ‘Vision and Leadership’, Oxford, Bologna, Montpellier, Leuven, Groningen, Prague.
2017-present Jury member ABFF Amsterdam ‘Hood Film Festival’.
2016-2018 Board Member Vevam; protection intellectual property directors and filmmakers./td>
2010 Research and writing on Narcocorridos, Mexican drugs music, for magazine UN.
2005-2009 Advisor Media fund, The Netherlands.
2005 Photo exhibition, El Rey Gitano, Sound Garden, Amsterdam.
2002 Jury member Netherlands Film Festival, Feature Length Fiction, Documentary, Shorts.
1992-1993 Photo exhibition in Paris and Amsterdam, organised by WG Art.
1990 Architectural work with Maarten Min, Bergen.
1989- 1990 Stylos, Student board, Vice President, faculty of Architecture, Delft.
1989 The European Assembly of Architecture Students, Marseille.